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At the close of Phoenix's 2010 concert at Madison Square Garden, Daft Punk joined Phoenix on stage for a surprise performance. This is the first time Daft Punk had performed live since the 2008 Grammy Performance. It's not surprising, however, as Daft Punk and Phoenix are close friends. Thomas and Guy-Manuel had originally been in the band Darlin' with Phoenix's Laurent Brancowitz.

After Phoenix performed "If I Ever Feel Better" the lights went out and Daft Punk appeared onscreen. A robotic was heard saying, “Work It / Make It/ Do It/ Makes Us Stronger", before breaking into "Harder Better Faster Stronger".[1] Phoenix themselves joined in on the song about halfway through, as it morphed into "Around the World". Daft Punk then put on "Together" and Phoenix switched into an extended version of "1901" with Daft Punk interjecting with "Human After All" and reprising "Together".[2]

They closed the show with Phoenix and Daft Punk communicating with the melody from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the group hugged and took their bows on stage together.


Phoenix & Daft Punk @ Madison Square Garden


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