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"Alive" is the fifteenth track by Daft Punk from their debut album Homework. It lasts 5:15.

The song is the final version of "The New Wave" and was paired up with "The Brainwasher", "The Prime Time of Your Life" and "Rollin' & Scratchin'" in the Alive 2007 tour.


The track starts with drums sampled from Prince, progressively layering more percussion until an echoing sound emerges at the 1:00 mark. Following a filter change after the drop, the echoing sound continues for a minute alongside the drums. A subsequent beat drop introduces additional drums, followed by another drop that adds even more, until the echoing sound fades away. Described as pure techno, Chedeville notes, "The track fits perfectly with a rainy lightning storm." Additionally, it may sample "Can You Feel It" by CLS, though this remains unconfirmed. However, this sample was mixed into the track during the Daftendirektour.

Sampled in[]

  • "Caveman (AKA Troglodyte)" by The Neanderthal
  • "Graphite (Mix B)" by Circulation
  • "DFT PNK" by MessyPandas

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