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Alive 1997 is a live album by Daft Punk recorded in 1997 and released in 2001. The album contains an excerpt of a 45-minute 33-second performance at Birmingham's Que Club in 1997 during the Daftendirektour

It was initially released through the online Daft Club service. Both CD and LP versions of the album came with a sticker sheet.

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Actual Set listEdit


Sticker sheet that came with 1st/promo issue of CD and LP version.

It is known that the recording which Daft Punk officially released isn't full and is not even half of the actual show. The reason for that is copyright issues, as it contained live remakes of famous House tracks at the time (Such as C.L.S. - Can You Feel It, Lil' Louis - French Kiss just to name a few). The tracklist for the full show is the following:

  1. Daft Punk - "Musique"
  2. Daft Punk - "Short Circuit" (Early Live Version)
  3. Daft Punk - "Da Funk" + "Daftendirekt"
  4. Daft Punk - "Da Funk" (Armand Van Helden's Ten Minutes of Funk Mix)
  5. Daft Punk - "Rollin' & Scratchin'" (Live Version)
  6. Daft Punk - "Revolution 909" (Live Version)
  7. Daft Punk - "Alive"
  8. C.L.S. - "Can You Feel It?"
  9. Daft Punk - "Burnin'"
  10. Daft Punk - "Rock 'N Roll"
  11. Daft Punk - "Oh Yeah"
  12. Daft Punk - "Fresh"
  13. DJ Sneak - "Disco Erotica" (disputed)
  14. Daft Punk - "Revolution 909" (Album Version)
  15. Daft Punk - "Around the World"
  16. Giorgio Moroder - "The Chase"
  17. Daft Punk - "Teachers" + DJ Sneak - "You Can't Hide From Your Bud"

 Trivia Edit

  • If listened carefully at 29:55, a conversation can be heard between two guys in French: "-Comment on fait pour aller de l'autre coté? -Quel autre coté?", which means "- How do you get to the other side? - What side?".
  • During one of Daft Punk's Daftendirektour performances a man climbed up a pole so high up, that the whole performance had to be paused just to get him down.[Citation needed]

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