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Alive 2017 is a tour that Daft Punk was rumored to be working on. The rumor started in summer 2016 when a website and a Facebook page popped up named "Alive 2017" that 'announced' that Daft Punk were going to be touring at some point in 2017 and releasing a new album following the tour. The website and Facebook page were exposed as fake and unofficial, however, some still say that Daft Punk were using them as a hint towards the future.

Reddit user "spaceship" of the Daft Punk Subreddit claimed the site as theirs and confirmed it as fake.

Rumor Origins[]

After 3 or so years of Daft Punk not releasing any of their own music, people were wondering whether they had given up on music production or were working on something big. Since their live albums, Alive 1997 and Alive 2007, both had the ending of the number 7, fans expected that Thomas and Guy-Manuel were going to announce a tour for 2017 after years of silence.

After months of waiting, in September 2016 the pair collaborated scarcely with The Weeknd on his new song Starboy, and three days after the song's release, a website popped up named "alive2017.com" which links to a page with a black background and the word "ALIVE" written in the middle.

When you look into the source code of the alive2017.com website, you can see the text shown in the image to the right. The part of it that caught many hardline Daft Punk fan's eyes is the "SHEP LOGGED OUT" sign off at the bottom of the text. The reason this sparked up interest is because Shep is a character from the pair's musical movie, Interstella 5555.

The site has been confirmed as fake and we are yet to hear from any representatives of Daft Punk or the duo themselves.