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Baryl was a character from the movie, Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. He was a core role in the film. In Earl's band, "The Crescendolls", he played the drums and the tambourine. The name, "Baryl" could be given to him by Earl. Still, his real name may be unknown, but could be seen in a jumble of alien letters briefly.

Appearance Edit

Baryl human formBaryl was a small blue skinned man with medium length loose auburn hair with fringes in each sides and black eyes in a different shape. He wore the same white and orange uniform like the other male band members with a matching wristband and headband with a red jewel in the center. When their clothes are destroyed by the machine while being modified as a human by Earl de Darkwood, he wore only a pair of white boxers.

As a child during Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, his appearance remained the same and his height still remained as his adult self.

After his appearance was modified to resemble a human, his skin was painted fair, his hair turned brown instead of auburn and his pupil of his black eyes are gray. He wore a black short sleeved shirt with a yellow towel on his neck as the sleeves from his shirt are folded to make it sleeveless, blue denim shorts which are ripped at the edge, a brown belt with a gray heart buckle and pale brown short boots.


  • Baryl's appearance was possibly based off Guy-Manuel, having long hair like Guy-Man's and being short.
  • Baryl's eyes are based on one of the characters in the anime series, Captain Harlock. Specifically, Tochiro Oyama.
  • Baryl was the only member of the band not to have his hairstyle modified.
  • According to the falsified records, Baryl was born and raised in Munich, Germany with a love of boxing, horror movies and beer.

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