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"Beyond" is the ninth track by Daft Punk from the album Random Access Memories. It is one of the two songs co-written by Paul Williams, the other one being "Touch". It features individual verses sung both by Bangalter and de Homem-Christo. Its length is 4:50.


Daft Punk discussed the concept of the song "Beyond" with Paul Williams, who then translated the ideas into lyrics for it. The track begins with an orchestral string section and timpani before settling into what NME called "reupholstered Warren G 'Regulate' grooves".[1] Stevenson similarly described "Beyond" as "a lot like the sample used in Nate Dogg and Warren G’s ‘Regulate’",[2] Michael McDonald's song "I Keep Forgettin'",[3] which he noted as "no bad thing", and stated that the vocoder-affected lyrics detail "the existential world beyond oceans and mountains – a land beyond love."[2]


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