Cédric Hervet is one of the Daft Arts Crew and is regularly used as Daft Punk's creative director. He has worked closely with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo for more than 15 years. Hervet has helped shape their image and visuals, along with other collaborators, by designing Daft Punk’s album covers from cover art, creative direction, and art direction for the Random Access Memories album, even co-producing their third album Human After All. He co-wrote and co-produced Interstella 5555 and co-wrote and edited Daft Punk's Electroma.

He is heavily influenced by craftsmanship - furniture, wood, and leather. Aside from creative directing, Hervet, along with his cousin Nicolas Hervet (who has received repeated honors in woodworking, marquetry, and sculpture) have been designing furniture and unique objects for years, and in 2014 they formed the Hervet Manufacturier company.[1]

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