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The cover for Daft Punk's D.A.F.T.

D.A.F.T. - A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen and Tomatoes is a video collection created by Daft Punk that was released in 1999. It features music videos for "Around the World", "Da Funk" and "Fresh", "Burnin'" and "Revolution 909". Although its title derives from the appearances of dogs, androids, firemen and tomatoes, there is no solid plot bonding any of the episodes.

Several materials included in the DVD were officially released to the public starting on February 2022 and lasting until July 2022 for the 25th anniversary of Homework, from which the DVD is based on. Starting with a one-time only livestream (via the newly created official Twitch channel) of their 1997 Mayan Theater performance in Los Angeles, shot during the Daftendirektour.

So far, remastered music videos of "Around the World", "Burnin'", "Revolution 909", and "Fresh" have been released, alongside their respective bonus materials (excluding the "Fresh" rehearsal video).


  • "Da Funk"
    • Audio commentary with Spike Jonze
    • The Making of "Da Funk" (Featuring Armand Van Helden Remix)
    • The Making of the Dog's Head (Featuring "On Da Rocks" by Thomas Bangalter)
  • "Around the World"
    • Audio commentary with Michel Gondry
    • In the classroom with Michel Gondry
    • The Making of "Around the World" (Featuring Masters at Work Remix)
  • "Burnin'"
    • Audio commentary with Seb Janiak
    • The Making of "Burnin'" (Featuring Ian Pooley "Cut Up" Mix)
  • "Revolution 909"
    • Audio commentary with Roman Coppola
    • The Making of "Revolution 909" (Featuring Roger Sanchez Remix)
  • "Fresh"
    • The Rehearsal of The "Fresh" Shot with Daft Punk
    • The Making of "Fresh"