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DJ Falcon (born Stéphane Quême) is a French DJ, record producer, and photographer. He was signed with Roulé, Thomas Bangalter's own label, where he released his first EP Hello My Name Is DJ Falcon. DJ Falcon and Bangalter later formed a band together called Together where they released just two songs, "So Much Love to Give" and "Together". He is the brother of Delphine Quême (Quartet) and a cousin of Alan Braxe (Alain Quême), with the latter forming a band in 2022.[1]

Falcon met Pedro Winter, who at a time was manager of Daft Punk, through skateboarding.[2] He was signed to Roulé after he played a demo track to Winter and Bangalter, unaware that his cousing Alan Braxe was also signed to the label, having already released "Vertigo" (1997) and "Music Sounds Better With You" (1998). They both later formed Braxe + Falcon in 2022.[1][2]

DJ Falcon co-wrote and co-produced the song "Contact" with Daft Punk, released on Random Access Memories in 2013. An old version of Contact could be heard in a 2002 live set.

Falcon noted that when he worked on "Contact" with the duo in Paris, they felt that it needed something akin to a countdown. After contacting NASA for audio recordings, Daft Punk and Falcon settled on an excerpt where someone was called "Bob", as that was Falcon's skating nickname when he was first introduced to Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.[3][4] The sample used in "Contact" had been selected around 10 years before the track was produced [2]

The separation of Daft Punk came as a surprise to Falcon.[2]


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