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DJ Sneak (born Carlos Sosa, 1969) is a House music DJ and producer. He is noted as being one of the second wave of Chicago house producers, as well as a member of the vanguard of late-1990s United States house producers.

He is a friend of the duo, and has worked alongside them several times. He was mentioned as an inspiration in the song "Teachers". He also appeared as a background character in the music video for "Burnin'", which was heavily inspired by the DJ Sneak song "Sneak's a Freak". DJ Sneak also ended up remixing "Burnin'" later on.[1]

In 1999, he performed a live DJ set with them at El Divino, Ibiza. After that, Daft Punk asked him to write lyrics for the single, "Digital Love".



  • Kinky Trax Collection (1996)
  • Blue Funk Files (1997)
  • Buggin' Da Beats (1997)
  • Sneak's Ju Ju Beats (2001)
  • Housekeepin' (2004)
  • House of Om, Vol. 2 (2005)
  • Thefunkrockdiscopartything (2006)
  • Special House Blend (2008)
  • The House Of House (2009)


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