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Da Mongoloids was a short-lived collective originally consisting only of Armand Van Helden, although more artists started to join, such as Thomas Bangalter, Junior Sanchez, DJ Sneak, Roger Sanchez, Todd Perry, Ian Pooley, Laidback Luke, Basement Jaxx, and The Rhythm Masters.[1][2]

It released only one single in 1996, "Spark Da Meth", produced solely by Van Helden before the project added more people (although some are listed in the "Thank you" section on the liner notes).[1] The group would sometimes play together on different clubs through the mid-90s to the early 2000s.

Separation and future ventures[]

The group never officially disbanded.[1] The band would sometimes collaborate on different projects of one another. Here are listed some that were made with Daft Punk.