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The Daft House is Daft Punk’s Paris studio, where Homework, Discovery, and some of Random Access Memories was recorded.

It is quite likely that originally The Daft House is the apartment that Thomas Bangalter used to live in, and it has changed locations to an actual recording studio within Paris.

The current studio is shrouded in mystery, located somewhere on the south side of town, behind a green garage door. To enter, you press a buzzer and present your face to a security camera, and upon approval a door will open to reveal a cobblestone courtyard and a cluster of beige buildings.[1]

Inside the Daft House studio is where Daft Punk stores their massive, custom made modular synthesizer, built by Bruce Duncan, owner of Modcan Synthesizers in Toronto. [2]

During an interview in 2023 for The New York Times, Bangalter stated they still share a studio and equipment[3] after their split in 2021.

Recordings Credited at The Daft House[]