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Daft Punk Live At The Astoria

Daft Punk performing "Rollin' & Scratchin'" live at the Astoria Theatre in London on the 5th of November 1997

The Daftendirektour was Daft Punk's second live tour that started in the June of 1997 and then ended in the December of 1997.


For this tour, Daft Punk used their home studio equipment for the live stage. As Thomas Bangalter of the duo stated, "Everything was synched up, the drum machines, the bass lines. The sequencer was just sending out the tempos and controlling the beats and bars. On top of this structure we built all these layers of samples and various parts that we could bring in whenever we wanted to".[Citation needed]

Unfortunately, little video footage of said tour has been released, the only well-known footage was on D.A.F.T.: A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen and Tomatoes, which consisted of 8 different camera angles of Daft Punk performing at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles on the 17th of December 1997. However, on February 22nd, 2022 Daft Punk live-streamed for one time only the full video of their performance at the Mayan Theatre on Twitch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Homework. Screen recordings of the live stream circulate on YouTube, but there is no official release of it.

The only official 45-minute audio recording of the tour was made for the album Alive 1997, which was first released on the promotional Daft Club website in early 2001, during the Discovery era. It was taken from their performance at the Que Club in Birmingham.

Tour dates[]

Here is a list of all the Daftendirektour gigs:

Date (dd/mm/yy) Event Country (City)
07/06/97 Rimini (Dance Festival) Italy (Rimini)
12/06/97 Sónar Festival Spain (Barcelona, B)
14/06/97 Hultsfred Festival Sweden (Hultsfred)
21/06/97 New Frontier Festival Holland (Frontier)
22/06/97 Hurricane Festival Germany (Scheeßel)
28/06/97 Rosklide Festival Denmark (Roskilde)
29/06/97 Glastonbury 97' England (Somerset)
01/07/97 Tourhout Festival Belgium (Tourhout)
02/07/97 Quart Festival Norway (Quart)
05/07/97 Wechter Festival Belgium (Wrechter)
07/07/97 Levi's Festival Israel (אשכול)
12/07/97 T In The Park Festival Scotland (Balado)
09/08/97 Borealis Festival France (Montpellier)
16/08/97 V 97' Festival England (Leeds)
17/08/97 V 97' Festival England (Chelmsford)
01/09/97 The Warehouse USA (Seattle, WA)
06/09/97 Showbox USA (Seattle, WA)
09/09/97 The Fillmore USA (San Francisco, CA)
12/09/97 El Rey Theatre USA (Los Angeles, CA)
22/09/97 RPM Warehouse Canada (Toronto)
23/09/97 Irving Plaza USA (New York, NY)
24/09/97 The Theatre USA (Miami, FL)
25/09/97 The Fillmore USA (San Francisco, CA)
27/09/97 American Legion Hall USA (Los Angeles, CA)
28/09/97 DV8 USA (Seattle, WA)
02/10/97 Paradiso Holland (Amsterdam)
03/10/97 L'Aeronef France (Lille)
04/10/97 Ancienne Belgique Belgium (Brusseles)
06/10/97 Garage Germany (Saarbruken)
07/10/97 Live Music Hall Germany (Koln)
08/10/97 Soundgarten Germany (Dortmund)
09/10/97 Grossa Freihall Germany (Hamburg)
11/10/97 Huxioye Germany (Berlin)
12/10/97 LKA Germany (Stuttgart)
13/10/97 La Laiterie France (Strasbourg)
17/10/97 Espace Evenment France (Paris)
18/10/97 Zenith (Jazz Fest) France (Paris)
20/10/97 Exo 7 France (Rouen)
21/10/97 La Liberie France (Rennes)
24/10/97 Guildhall England (Southampton)
26/10/97 Red Box Ireland (Dublin)
28/10/97 Newcastle Mayfair England (Newcastle)
30/10/97 Town & Country England (Leeds)
31/10/97 Barrowland Scotland (Glasgow)
01/11/97 Academy England (Manchester)
03/11/97 Corn Exchange England (Cambridge)
05/11/97 Astoria England (London)
08/11/97 Que Club (Alive 1997) England (Birmingham)
09/11/97 Rock City England (Nottingham)
10/11/97 Brighton Event England (Brighton)
12/11/97 Hill Penfield France (Brest)
14/11/97 Aqualung Spain (Madrid, M)
15/11/97 Zeléste Spain (Barcelona, B)
17/11/97 Medocquine France (Bordeaux)
18/11/97 Le Salle Des Fetes France (Tolouse)
20/11/97 Dome France (Marseille)
21/11/97 Palladium Switzerland (Geneva)
22/11/97 Transbordeur France (Lyon)
24/11/97 Rolling Stone Italy (Milan)
25/11/97 Tenax Italy (Florence)
26/11/97 Frontiers Italy (Rome)
27/11/97 Le Zenith France (Paris)
28/11/97 Jail Switzerland (Zurich)
30/11/97 Libo Austria (Vienna)
01/12/97 Kraftwerk Germany (Munchen)
03/12/97 Capitol Germany (Hannover)
04/12/97 MS Conection Germany (Mannheim)
08/12/97 Elis Mon Paris France (Paris)
17/12/97 The Mayan Theater USA (Los Angeles, CA)
20/12/97 Einlass Germany (Berlin)


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