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Darlin' was a French rock band formed in 1992 by Laurent Brancowitz, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Their name was taken from the Beach Boys song of the same name.

Thomas and Guy-Manuel befriended each other in school at Lycée Carnot. They placed an ad in the ‘Danceteria‘ store to find a guitarist and found Laurent Brancowitz.


The rock group released their songs on Stereolab's Duophonic record label, on the Shimmies In Super 8 compilation. In 1995 Banana Split released the 'De La Viande Pour Le Disco?' compilation which contained two unreleased Darlin' tracks, named "Untitled 18" and "Untitled 33".

A review in British music magazine Melody Maker called the music "daft punky thrash."[1] and Thomas and Guy-Manuel, motivated rather than discouraged, took the insult as their new moniker for their newest musical venture - Daft Punk. Thus the short-lived group disbanded, Brancowitz leaving to join his younger brother Christian Mazzalai in the band Phoenix. The three remain friends to this day, recently reuniting on stage during the encore of Phoenix's show at Madison Square Garden in October 2010. [2]


Shimmies In Super 8 (April 1993, Duophonic) (compilation with Stereolab, Huggy Bear and Colm) –

  • "Cindy So Loud"
  • "Darlin'"

De La Viande Pour Le Disco? (1995, Banana Split) (various artists compilation) –

  • "Untitled 18"
  • "Untitled 33"


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