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"End of Line" is the twelfth song on the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack composed by Daft Punk. The song is named after both the End of Line Club and the M.C.P.'s catchphrase in the original Tron.

Appearance in Tron: Legacy[]

The track plays as Sam and Gem enter the End of Line Club, in which Daft Punk are seen as D.J.s. The track transitions to "Castor" as Sam and Castor enter the latter's private lounge to discuss the portal.

Demo version[]

"End of Line" was the first track from Tron: Legacy to be heard by the public. July 24th, 2009 at the San Diego Comic Con, "End of Line" was played in the backroom of "Flynn's Arcade" where a model lightcycle was on display. That original demo version of the track was later heard in September, at the start of a DJ mix by Kavinsky for Australia's Triple J radio station.

The demo version has the same chords and structure as the final version, but with more distorted synthesizers and with more 'live' sounding drum parts.

Tron: Legacy Reconfigured[]

There are two End of Line remixes on Tron: Legacy RECONFIGURED. One is by Boys Noize, and the other is by Photek.

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