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Epilogue is the name of a video uploaded by Daft Punk on their social media on February 22, 2021, as an announcement of their split and the end of their career. It was the #1 trending video on YouTube on the date it was released.

Video Summary[]

The video consists primarily of a scene from their 2006 film, Daft Punk's Electroma. It begins with a text that says "Epilogue" and the date the video was uploaded, February 22, 2021. Then, the two robots appear walking on a desert, but suddenly Thomas Bangalter begins to walk slower until he stops. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo turns and walks towards Thomas. Then Thomas takes off his jacket and turns around, revealing that he has a self-destruct button on his back, and asks Guy to press it. Guy presses the button and Thomas walks away as a countdown starts. When the countdown comes to an end, Thomas explodes and his body is destroyed. Later, an image appears on the screen. The image shows the hands of the two robots forming a triangle together and text that reads "1993-2021" which means that the duo's career since 1993 has ended in 2021. To end the video, it appears a shot of Guy walking away with the sunset, while their song Touch plays.



Daft Punk - Epilogue