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Everything Now is the 2017 album by Arcade Fire which was co-produced by Thomas Bangalter. It was first announced Bangalter was collaborating with Arcade Fire when the first single "Everything Now" was released on July 1st, 2017.

The song is produced by Arcade Fire, Steve Mackey (of Pulp), and Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, who is also credited with providing synthesizers.[1] It was recorded at Boombox Studios in New Orleans, Sonovox Studios in Montreal, and Gang Recording Studio in Paris.[2]


In May 2017, Arcade Fire performed six new songs at an intimate secret show in Montreal.[3] Later that month, a Twitter account designed to look like a Russian spambot started publishing clues pertaining to the new Arcade Fire album.[4]

On May 31, the band released the lead single "Everything Now" on 12" vinyl, selling it at a merchandise stall at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona which they headlined.[5] A day later, a mysterious live stream "Live From Death Valley" was launched[6] and the band released a music video for the song,[7] appearing to have been shot in Death Valley, California.

On June 3, anagrams of song titles were published on Twitter.[8]

On June 22, the band published the music video for "Creature Comfort" to its YouTube page. It was marketed with a Facebook post purportedly from a disgruntled "Everything Now Corp" employee railing against the band's refusal to engage in corporate promotion of its new album.[9]

Similar satirical marketing done in promotion of the album stemmed from an agreement the band was in; dubbed a “360 degree agreement” proposed by Everything Now Corp, whereas the band created multiple pieces of fake online articles related to events happening within the company and band. One example involving Arcade Fire providing a "premature premature evaluation" of Everything Now days before release as a spoof of online music reviews, or a review of a fake installment in the rhythm video game series Rock Band titled Arcade Fire: Rock Band, or multiple pieces of fake advertising for products based on names of songs off of Everything Now. A collection of other promotional articles created by the band are included on the side of the fake website that lead to numerous other fake websites.[10]

Infinite Content tour[]

To promote the album, the band will embark on the Infinite Content tour across Europe and North and South America.[11] To precede the album's release, the band went on a near 2 month long tour of Europe, headlining festivals and their own shows, inlcuding smaller venues.

Track listing

Standard Edition[12]
No. Title Length
1. "Everything_Now (continued)" 0:46
2. "Everything Now" 5:03
3. "Signs of Life" 4:36
4. "Creature Comfort" 4:43
5. "Peter Pan" 2:48
6. "Chemistry" 3:37
7. "Infinite Content" 1:37
8. "Infinite_Content" 1:41
9. "Electric Blue" 4:02
10. "Good God Damn" 3:34
11. "Put Your Money On Me" 5:53
12. "We Don't Deserve Love" 6:29
13. "Everything Now (continued)" 2:22
Total length: 47:41


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