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"Forget About the World" is a single by English singer Gabrielle from her self-titled album Gabrielle. The United Kingdom CD release included a remix made by Daft Punk, while the US release included it on her previous single "Give Me A Little More Time".

The UK release had the rework titled as "Daft Punk 'Don't Forget About The World'", though the US release only include "Daft Punk Mix". The compilation album Musique Vol. 1 simple has it titled as "Daft Punk Remix".

The remix was later included in the compilation album Musique Vol. 1 (1993-2005) released in 2006.

Elements from the song were later mixed with "Aerodynamic" and "The Brainwasher" for the Alive 2006 and 2007 tours, later recorded for the live album Alive 2007 (album).

Track listing

UK CD: 1
No. Title Length
1. "Forget About the World"  
2. "Forget About the World" (The Rollo and Sister Bliss mix)  
3. "Forget About the World" (Booker T R&B mix)  
4. "Forget About the World" (Daft Punk 'Don't Forget About The World' mix)  
5. "Forget About the World" (Matty's mix)  
UK CD: 2
No. Title Length
1. "Forget About the World  
2. "If You Really Cared"  
3. "People May Come" (acoustic)  
4. "Give Me a Little More Time"  


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