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"Fragments of Time" is the eleventh track by Daft Punk from the album 10th Anniversary Edition.

Fragments of Time was an song co-written and co-produced by Todd Edwards in the album Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition). The song's length is 4:39. It features vocals by him.


When Todd Edwards visited the California studio Daft Punk was working in, the duo were seeking a "west coast vibe" for the album. Edwards was asked to implement his signature "cut-up" method of music production for a portion of "Fragments of Time", which ultimately served as the chorus section. [1] Edwards initially thought his production section would be used as an eight-bar break rather than the chorus. Edwards also recalled that the microphone he sang on for his contribution to the album is "more than my car is worth" and had previously been used by Frank Sinatra.[2]

Edwards commented that the lyrics of "Fragments of Time" were inspired by his desire to capture the moments he experienced during his visit to the duo's studio sessions in California.[1] He expressed that it was difficult keeping his involvement a secret. Edwards had previously collaborated with Daft Punk to create the song "Face to Face" on the 2001 album Discovery. He summarized his experience in the studio recording "Fragments of Time" as being life-changing, as the sessions inspired him to move from New Jersey to California on a permanent basis. Edwards also pointed out the irony of "two androids [...] bringing soul back to music".[1]

A behind-the-scenes track was released on March 22, 2023 ahead of the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Random Access Memories.[3] The track features Edwards and Bangalter singing and sharing ideas together while listening to a loop of the instrumentals. An accompanying music video was released which showed an audio monitoring machine, as the camera slowly moves in towards it, and then going back to its original position. It was directed by Cédric Hervet and released through YouTube on the same day.[3] [4]



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