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Human After All is the third studio album by Daft Punk. It was released on March 8th 2005 in Japan through Toshiba-EMI, March 14th 2005 in the UK and March 15th 2005 in the USA and the rest of the world through Virgin Records. The album was recorded between September 13th and October 9th, 2004 and was co-produced by Cédric Hervet and Gildas Loaëc. The total running time of the album is 45:34.

Human After All was created in 6[1] weeks in the Daft House studio in Paris. Thomas Bangalter stated that "Human After All speaks for itself". Critics found the album very raw and uncut, but more spontaneous than other Daft Punk albums[2].

A remix album was released called Human After All: Remixes.


The album was generally recorded in 6 weeks, starting in September 13th and ending in November 2004.

The album was produced along with Cédric Hervet, Gildas Loaëc and Nilesh "Nilz" Patel, who all of them worked with Daft Punk before on previous projects.

The rushed recording was criticized, due that it wasn't the same recording lapse as their previous albums.

Awards and nominations[]

  • 2005 Grammy Award for best electronic/dance album (nomination)

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Human After All" 5:19
2. "The Prime Time of Your Life" 4:23
3. "Robot Rock" 4:47
4. "Steam Machine" 5:22
5. "Make Love" 4:48
6. "The Brainwasher" 4:08
7. "On/Off" 0:19
8. "Television Rules the Nation" 4:47
9. "Technologic" 4:44
10. "Emotion" 6:57
Total length: 45:34


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