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The Humanization Facility was an underground factory that modified the human-esque creatures into humans. It appeared in the movie, Interstella 5555 during Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Face to Face.


The victims are first paralyzed with gas when they are captured which causes them to fall unconscious. They are then placed into the pods and beamed onto carrier ships which transport them from their home planets to the facility on Earth. When they arrive at the factory, the pods are dropped onto a conveyor belt. The machines can process up to four people at a time.


The Hand[]

The hand opened the pods and removed the victims' valuable items. These were then transferred onto another conveyor belt. 

The Lasers[]

The lasers cut the accessories and clothes of the victims off (except undergarments) without affecting skin or tissue.

The Verifier[]

The pods are lifted from the conveyor belt and are scanned by the verifier to identify and read the victim's data and appearance in order to know what species they are and how difficult it will be to modify them.

The Memory Remover[]

The pods are lowered deeper into the factory. A mechanical claw grappled onto each victims' forehead and rewrote their memories to trick them into believing they were from Earth. Their old memories are stored onto memory discs and transferred onto a different platform for storage.

The Skin Painter[]

Mechanical claws removed the victims from their pods by grabbing under their arms and lifted them into the air. A cannon popped out and shot globules of flesh-colored paint and hair dye at the victims, which spread and made the victims look human to match the rewritten memories. Once the paint finished spreading, the victims were turned and placed standing upright on an individual moving platform.

The Hair Modifier[]

The victims are dropped by the platform even lower. Nozzles sprayed a pink aerosol on the victims' hair to alter the style. They are then transitioned to the Redresser.

The Redresser[]

The redresser scanned the victims and chose what clothes to redress them in based on their false background. The victims are then dropped lower into a presser that redressed them. They are dropped into chairs and are lowered to the Eye Scanner.

The Eye Scanner[]

The eye scanner opened up the victims' eyes, looked into them, and chose a pair of sunglasses to put on their eyes based on their clothing and eye color. It then places the sunglasses onto the victims' eyes. Next, it inserted a hidden mind control device onto their sunglasses. The chairs are then lowered to the Detector.

The Detector[]

The Detector scanned the victims to check that their processing was completed. Once the complete transformation is verified, a copy of the finished results is scanned and edited over the most recent footage of the victims to hide all trace evidence of their true identities before sending edited footage to a certain address to exploit the victims' talents without causing suspicion. The victims and chairs are then dropped down into a car by another conveyor.

The Car[]

The car transported the victims through a tubed path to the Elevator. While being transferred, an oxygen mask implanted itself onto each victims' face, reviving them.

The Elevator[]

Finally, an elevator took the victims to the exit of the factory.


  • Once the victims are modified into humans, it was possible for it to be reversed as it was seen in Face to Face