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Santa Claus / Holiday On Ice (CRYDA001) is the first single release by Le Knight Club, and it is also the first publication from the label Crydamoure, owned by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. It was released as a two-sided vinyl release, each with a song. They were included in the compilation album Waves.

Santa Claus[]

Santa Claus is included in the Side A of the single.

It has two versions, the first one is the largest one being 5-minutes long, which originally was included in the single release; while the second version is an edit that lasts around 3-minutes, to be included in the Crydamoure compilation album Waves.

"Santa Claus" features a sample from the song "Be My Lady" by Kool & The Gang.[2]

Holiday On Ice[]

Holiday On Ice is included in Side B in the single release.

It is speculated that the song is a "remix" from Daft Punk's track Around the World, mostly because of the similarity between the songs' elements. Thomas Bangalter is credited with the single's vinyl release.[1]

Liner Notes[]

The liner notes of the vinyl pressings denote various technical aspects of the first single, and also words from the band itself. The notes show an additional two labels that published the record: Zomba Music and Delabel Editions, aside from Daft Music and Crydamoure. Funkytown Distribution serves as the distributor. [1]

The bright red with a metal pressing of the Crydamoure logo single cover is credited to Cédric Hervet, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (written as CMDHC on the notes), and Magic Design.[1]

Also a dedication exists, from Chedeville it reads as:

Dedicated to: Daisaku Ikeda, my parents & my brother Peter, my foxy wife Sandrine and Alex Betoule.

Thanks to the following familys (sic): Betoule, Galliot, Dold, Weston, Lebourgeois, Chipper, Filipi, Gakkaï, Soma of Glasgow. Thanks to: Nico, Rodolphe, Boris, Ben, Coucou. Marianne, Waves, Médéric, Serge Nicolas, Christophe Monier & friends, Bertrand, Barbara Power, Coiffy, Vanessa, Bob Marley, all the Daft Posse, L'Ami, Romain, Phil, Nath, Noëmie, Bernard Baron, David Chong, Chez Damier, Damon Wild, Paul Johnson, Ian Gazie, Cédric Azencoth, Oliver Ruel, Martial, Yoko, Villepreux's bakery, all the sweet animals and people! Jean Christophe Ducatel, Doc superbe assistant technique! Special Thanks to: Thomas Bangalter for all the good advices (sic) and support, Eternal GuyMan, Gildas for all his good and hard work.[1]

Eternal GuyMan might be a nickname for de Homem-Christo.

De Homem-Christo dedication is shorter, reading as:

Dedicated to: God, Elephant, my family, families, and my music mates Thomas & Eric.[1]

It is also noted that the lacquer cut (the process of making the platter to make vinyl) was done by NiLZ at The Exchange studio in the United Kingdom, while the pressings were made by the now defunct Disco France Industrie.


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