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01:36, June 7, 2020Guy Manuel Mask.jpg (file)48 KBBloodSushi 
01:35, June 7, 2020Guy Manuel Discovery.png (file)251 KBBloodSushi 
01:35, June 7, 2020Young Guy Manuel.jpg (file)14 KBBloodSushi 
21:25, May 24, 2020GuyManuelMask.jpg (file)30 KBBloodSushi 
21:24, May 24, 2020Guy-Manuel-de-Homem-Christo-LA.JPG (file)60 KBBloodSushi 
20:56, May 24, 2020Leiji-matusmoto-2018.jpg (file)41 KBBloodSushi 
20:55, May 24, 2020Matsumoto.png (file)566 KBBloodSushi 
10:44, March 22, 20201200px-DaftAlive.jpeg (file)139 KBMazdaFan316 
06:17, January 2, 2020The Record Company.jpg (file)82 KBPinetforest 
06:15, January 2, 2020Ridell City-0.jpg (file)62 KBPinetforest 
05:44, January 2, 2020Ridell City.jpg (file)7 KBPinetforest 
17:28, December 13, 2019848D9CFB-EE21-43E5-BAA5-7529769A094D.png (file)527 KBDaftpunkfan76 
05:56, September 30, 2018Lil-Wayne-Tha-Carter-V-Album-Download-MAKHITS.COM .jpeg (file)37 KBZion69 
20:57, June 23, 2018Paul-johnson-producer-1bbcb5ee-22f7-4d6e-b437-ab30c37a4a0-resize-750.jpg (file)67 KBKamkam2 
16:46, April 28, 2018Busta Rhymes - Touch It.jpg.jpg (file)21 KBGwtv 
04:11, April 28, 2018MyDearMelancholy - album by The Weeknd.jpg (file)10 KBGwtv (This is the cover art for My Dear Melancholy by the artist The Weeknd. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to XO and Republic Records. Taken from Wikipedia)
21:09, March 1, 2018Something About Us (Promo).jpg (file)84 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
16:08, February 15, 2018B957C133-D39E-47CE-BE6D-D238CDFDAC74.jpeg (file)8 KBCiar08 
20:25, February 12, 20183ADAAAAF-671C-4187-96D2-D9F6CF296A2D.jpeg (file)13 KBCiar08 
20:24, February 12, 2018C910AEB1-E634-4F09-BD51-0AD3B2A7DB77.jpeg (file)27 KBCiar08 
23:42, January 27, 2018Shep full.jpg (file)11 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
23:36, January 27, 2018Earl de Darkwood full.jpg (file)12 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
23:17, January 27, 2018Octave human form.jpg (file)10 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
23:16, January 27, 2018Octave.jpg (file)12 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
23:08, January 27, 2018Baryl human form.png (file)34 KBCHR0MEMATIC 
05:51, October 12, 2017Spinal Scratch Side B.jpg (file)90 KBGwtv 
05:50, October 12, 2017Spinal Scratch Side A.jpg (file)77 KBGwtv 
05:49, October 12, 2017Spinal Scratch.jpeg (file)113 KBGwtv 
21:14, October 4, 2017ID Side B.jpg (file)77 KBGwtv 
21:14, October 4, 2017ID Side A.jpg (file)73 KBGwtv 
21:13, October 4, 2017Intergalactik Disco.jpeg (file)102 KBGwtv (Higher Resolution)
20:57, October 4, 2017TM Vynil B.jpg (file)80 KBGwtv 
20:55, October 4, 2017TM Vynil.jpg (file)69 KBGwtv 
20:54, October 4, 2017Troobadoor Mirage.jpg (file)98 KBGwtv 
21:23, October 1, 2017Giorgio Moroder Melt! 2015 02.jpg (file)86 KBGwtv (The Italian composer Giorgio Moroder at the Melt! 2015 in Ferropolis/Germany. Originally uploaded by [!_2015_02.jpg S. Bollmann on Wikimedia Commons].)
17:54, September 29, 2017Parcels 2017.jpg (file)8.67 MBGwtv 
00:34, August 13, 2017Daftpunkmusique.jpg (file)104 KBTekstaE3 
04:57, July 28, 2017Prime Time of Your Life.jpg (file)77 KBGwtv (Higher resolution image.)
04:55, July 28, 2017Technologic.jpg (file)66 KBGwtv (Higher resolution image.)
04:54, July 28, 2017Something About Us.jpg (file)158 KBGwtv (Higher resolution image.)
04:45, July 28, 2017Robot Rock.jpg (file)86 KBGwtv (Higher resolution image.)
04:16, July 28, 2017Hbfs single.jpg (file)269 KBGwtv (Cleaner version of the cover art; more vivid colors. Source: [])
04:12, July 28, 2017One More Time.jpg (file)139 KBGwtv (Higher resolution image.)
04:05, July 28, 2017Aerodynamic.jpg (file)208 KBGwtv (Superior resolution than previous.)
04:01, July 28, 2017Digital Love.jpg (file)71 KBGwtv (Added a higher resolution image. This version is also not cropped compared to the previous one. )
00:51, July 7, 2017Waves 2.jpg (file)55 KBGwtv 
13:45, June 28, 2017Columbia-records-logo.jpg (file)40 KBShetan1992 
13:37, June 28, 2017Columbia Records logo.svg.png (file)7 KBShetan1992 
02:57, June 27, 2017Reddit.png (file)11 KBGwtv (Thumbnail for link directing to the [ Daft Punk subreddit].)
23:40, June 21, 2017Overnight.jpg (file)63 KBGwtv (Cover art for the single "Overnight" by Parcels. Artwork by Ezra Petronio. )

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