Daft Wiki

Please note that Daft Punk Wiki staff are not associated in anyway to the Fandom/Wikia Staff Team.

The Daft Punk Wiki staff team is a group of users who take it upon themselves to maintain, promote and generally look after the wiki. They are regular community members just like you, only with a few extra rights.

The best way to go about trying to get onto the staff team is to apply for rollback rights and being chosen to become a Moderator.

You can apply for our staff team or apply for other user rights on this page.

Below is a list of current staff members, what their groups mean and their current activity status.


Bureaucrats (Abbreviated as 'Crats) have the powers over everything on the Wiki, they can make users admins, edit templates and basically can only be stopped by a member of Fandom Staff (AKA The people who work at Wikia). 'Crats review applications and can hand out admin, moderator and rollback rights (Every rank except Bureaucrat)

Current Bureaucrats:

ReTopic - ACTIVE - Talk Page

Gwtv - ACTIVE - Talk Page


Admins are users with extra powers to ensure the is running smoothly on a day to day basis, these users are usually people who have proved themselves as Moderators of the wiki, and then have been chosen to assist 'Crats in the maintenance of the wiki and handing out of certain rights.

Current admins:

Shetan1992 - ACTIVE - Talk Page

Remiaw - INACTIVE - Talk Page