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"Starboy" is a song recorded by Canadian singer The Weeknd for his third studio album of the same name. It features Daft Punk and was written by the trio alongside Doc McKinney, Henry Walter and Jason Quenneville, being produced by Daft Punk and co-produced by The Weeknd, McKinney and Cirkut.

On August 24, 2016 during a Billboard interview, Republic Records executive vice president Wendy Goldstein mentioned that The Weeknd had been collaborating with Daft Punk.[1] The Weeknd later elaborated that he had contacted the duo through mutual friends in the Canadian music scene, and that he was invited to a studio in Paris, France to work with Daft Punk. During his session recording the song "I Feel It Coming", The Weeknd could hear a separate track leaking into the studio booth from the control room. He discovered that the track was a beat that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo had been playing from a personal device. Inspired by the sound, The Weeknd immediately wrote material for it, forming the basis of "Starboy".[2]


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