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"Teachers" is the ninth track by Daft Punk from their debut album, Homework. It lasts 2:53.

The song features lyrics sung by Thomas Bangalter (recognized by the high-pitch voice).[1] The lyrics are morphed in two, a high-pitch and a low-pitch voice.

The song itself is a tribute to all the influences of Daft Punk from which the term Teachers refers to.[Citation needed]


Artists mentioned in the song include: DJ Funk, DJ Sneak, Louie Vega, Dr. Dre, Romanthony, (Armand) Van Helden, Todd Edwards, and others.[2] Daft Punk later worked with some artists, such as DJ Sneak, who made the lyrics for Digital Love and also worked with him in the group "Da Mongoloids"; Romanthony, who sang in "One More Time" and "Too Long"; Todd Edwards who later collaborated on "Face to Face" and "Fragments of Time", and Armand Van Helden (who currently works with A-Trak in Duck Sauce), who was also in "Da Mongoloids".[3][4]

Soulwax recorded a rock cover with the same original title, but with lyrics listing out their different influences.[5]

An extended version of the song was featured on the "Around the World" single version.[6]


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The sample in this song was also used in the song "Fresh".

"If You Leave Me Now" by Viola Willis

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