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The Together and Cassius Live Tour was a seminal event in electronic music history, marked by the collaboration of two iconic French electronic music duos: Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon of Together, and Philippe Zdar and Hubert Boombass of Cassius. The tour took place in Pay and Groove City and El Paradiso (Astralwerks Party) in 2002.


Together, comprising Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon, rose to prominence in the French house scene with their groundbreaking releases and energetic DJ sets. Similarly, Cassius, consisting of Philippe Zdar and Hubert Boombass, garnered acclaim for their distinctive blend of house, funk, and hip-hop elements.

The Live Tour[]

The collaboration between Together and Cassius for the Live Tour represented a convergence of two distinct yet complementary styles within the electronic music landscape. The tour featured a series of electrifying performances across major cities, captivating audiences with their infectious beats and dynamic stage presence.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbAzss8TACc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as4NwIFVxCc


One of the key highlights of the Live Tour was the inclusion of demos for the highly anticipated Alive 2007 encore. These demos provided a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic journey that would later unfold in the iconic Alive 2007 album, which remains one of the most revered live albums in electronic music history. It also includes a demo version of "Contact".