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"Touch" is the seventh track by Daft Punk from the album Random Access Memories. It was recorded at the Henson Recording Studios with Paul Williams on vocals. Daft Punk noted that the song is the most complex piece on the record, being composed of over 250 elements.[1]

Daft Punk has said that "Touch" influenced a majority of the sound of Random Access Memories. De Homem-Christo himself stated that "Touch" is "like the core of the record, and the memories of the other tracks are revolving around it."[2] When asked how it came about, Paul Williams explains -

At the very beginning, the question was, “Who are we writing about?” Somebody that’s coming out of a coma? Somebody who’s been put in suspended animation while he travels across the heavens? A visitor from another planet? A robot that is becoming human? I don’t think we ever actually said that it’s about a robot, but that’s kind of what it’s rolled into. What was interesting about the first meeting with them was that Thomas handed me a book of stories about people with life-after-death experiences, where people had died and come back to life. And I was like, “Oh, my god! I’ve read this book! I know this book.” He sat down, and Guy-Man played the melody to what I called “Touch.” The lyrics just came out of me, and it began there. I took it home and wrote the lyrics. And then they gave me the second song [“Beyond”], and off they went. [3]

The song was also used at the end of their split announcement video, Epilogue.[4]


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