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Trax On Da Rocks is the first solo EP released by Thomas Bangalter. It was produced at Daft House in Paris, in 1995 and released on the Roulé label. It was one of the first examples of French House music.[1]

The album was repressed in 2012 by Phonica Records.[2][3][4]


"On Da Rocks" contains a sample of "Bar Ambience With 5 People in Light Conversation" from The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library.[5]

"Ventura" features a sample from the 1978 song "Le Blues Du Businessman" by Claude Dubois, pitched up by four semitones and filtered up.[5]

"What To Do" intro has a drum loop that is sampled from the 1972 song "Hot Pants" by Bobby Byrd[6]

Track list[]

A Side
No. Title Length
1. "On Da Rocks" 4:20
2. "Roulé Boulé" 3:37
3. "What To Do" 4:25
B Side
No. Title Length
1. "Outrun" 5:45
2. "Ventura" 5:10
Total length: 23:17