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The soundtrack to Joseph Kosinski's TRON: Legacy was composed by Daft Punk. It was released December 7, 2010, ten days before the movie came out. The soundtrack can be ordered online with a poster depicting Daft Punk in their cameo appearance in the film. Two bonus songs are only available on iTunes, and another can be bought on Amazon. The song "Sunrise Prelude" is only available at Ovi. A Special Edition of the soundtrack is also available, on amazon.ca and amazon.co.uk. It's unknown when it will be available in the US.

The first publically released track was "Derezzed", online, in a promotional video with clips from the film (the official Daft Punk music video for the track was released with the soundtrack). Around the same time, "The Game Has Changed" was posted as a 30-second preview on TRON: Legacy's Facebook page. Five more tracks were previewed at Comic-Con.

Track listing

Standard edition
No. Title Length
1. "Overture" 2:28
2. "The Grid" 1:37
3. "The Son of Flynn" 1:35
4. "Recognizer" 2:38
5. "Armory" 2:03
6. "Arena" 1:33
7. "Rinzler" 2:18
8. "The Game Has Changed" 3:25
9. "Outlands" 2:42
10. "Adagio for Tron" 4:11
11. "Nocturne" 1:42
12. "End of Line" 2:36
13. "Derezzed" 1:44
14. "Fall" 1:23
15. "Solar Sailer" 2:42
16. "Rectifier" 2:14
17. "Disc Wars" 4:11
18. "C.L.U." 4:39
19. "Arrival" 2:00
20. "Flynn Lives" 3:22
21. "Tron Legacy (End Titles)" 3:18
22. "Finale" 4:23
Total length: 58:44
Special edition bonus disc
No. Title Length
1. "ENCOM, Part I" 3:53
2. "ENCOM, Part II" 2:18
3. "Round One" 1:41
4. "Castor" 2:19
5. "Reflections" 2:42
Total length: 12:53
iTunes bonus tracks
No. Title Length
23. "Father and Son" 3:12
24. "Outlands, Part II" 2:53
Total length: 6:05
Amazon MP3 bonus track
No. Title Length
23. "Sea of Simulation" 2:41
Nokia Ovi bonus track
No. Title Length
23. "Sunrise Prelude" 2:50

Style & Genre[]

TRON: Legacy's director, Joseph Kosinski, said at the 2010 Comic-Con Panel for TRON: Legacy that Daft Punk's score was, "an incredible blend between electronic music, orchestral music, and...an interesting mix between music and sound design." Daft Punk have stated the original TRON soundtrack as an influence.

Remix Album[]

Main article: Tron: Legacy RECONFIGURED

On April 5, 2011, a remix album called TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED was relased. It features selections from the soundtrack remixed by electronic artists.


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