aka Remiaw Yuyín Funez

  • I live in La Plata
  • I was born on July 10
  • I am hombre


Where it meows I am!

I'm Remiaw Yuyín Funez, originally an user of Wikipedia in spanish and english. My love for cats led me to select this user name (Remiaw: re means in spanish "big", miaw means "meow". In english it makes "big meow"). I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but now I live in La Plata. I like edit in every platform, so I agree we need to improve the Wikia's mobile service.

Finally, if you sometimes don't understand me, maybe is because my English isn't very good, so if you find a syntax error, don't hesitate to correct me, and if you understand Spanish... spare me problems!

You can also find me at the Community Central or any of the following wikis:

  • Cats Wiki (en·es)
  • EDM Wiki (en·es)
  • LyricWikia (en)
  • Madeon Wiki (en·es)
  • Pharrell Wiki (en)
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